468 RIS/M4 Carbine (2017 Edition)
468 RIS/M4 Carbine (2017 Edition)

468 RIS/M4 Carbine (2017 Edition)

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The 468® is the most realistic Modern Combat Sports marker ever designed. Each 468® replicates the exact ergonomics of the M4/M16 family of battle rifles, their natural point of aim...and the thrilling experience of carrying one into Modern Combat Sports action! With a two-part receiver just like an M4, and the ability to swap the entire upper receiver including the barrel, handguard, and all of the accessories attached to the handguard for another specially-outfitted upper receiver in seconds, the 468® provides unparalleled mission adaptability.

Each 468® is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum. Designed by a top firearms engineer to be tough, durable, and extremely realistic, the 468® is the only known marker that has been through the torture test and survived. )

The 468® is known for its reliability. It has been voted as the most reliable marker by players. The 468® is the industry s leader and the only marker with a 5 year factory warranty from defects and quality of workmanship.

The 468® is designed with key features from M4/M16 firearms, including the ease of maintenance, use of detachable magazines, and the functionality of a quickly interchanged upper receiver. Learn more about the engineered advantages of the 468® in the video, The Making of the 468®. Watch it here: ( ( video link ) )

The 468® has more than 5 awarded patents from the US Patent and Trade Mark Office. You won t find our key innovations anywhere else.

Battle proven:
The 468® has been a training solution for many law enforcement departments as well as military forces. The 468® goes afield across the globe in the hands of operators training as they fight, from the desert sands to the snowy mountains. Watch it here: ( ( video link ) )

468® Top Features:
  • Machined aircraft-grade aluminum receivers
  • 2x DMAG Helix 20 rounds magazine
  • Authentic split-receiver design
  • Front and rear combat sights
  • Optional air system
  • Lok-Bolt Anti Chop System
  • Metal construction
  • Voted online: as the most reliable marker
  • Durable: survived a series of torture tests
  • Designed by a top firearms engineer
  • Battle-proven by professionals
  • Made in U.S.A

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