98C Magazine Adapter Kit

98C Magazine Adapter Kit

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The Magazine Feed Conversion Adapter for 98 Custom is the easiest way to get into a magfed game.

This adapter works on the Tippmann 98, Project Salvo, and Alpha Black.

It is installed by removing the hopper elbow and replacing it with the magazine adapter so you can easily switch back and forth between magfed or hopper fed.  

It can be installed in seconds and comes with two 7-round magazines.

If the 7-round magazines are not enough for you, there are also 12-round magazines, as well as the 20 round Zetamags that will work with this system.

With this simple, yet effective design, you can just as easily switch back to hopper play if needed.

(NOTE: This system does NOT work on Carver One, due to their feed elbows being different.)

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