MICROBORE fill whip
MICROBORE fill whip

MICROBORE fill whip

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Ninja Paintball is excited to introduce their Microbore Remote lines. These new remote lines are 30% smaller, lighter and more flexible than standard remotes on the market while still maintaining proper flow through the line. Microbore remote lines will allow players to route the Microbore line through their gear to fit the player better than standard less flexible coiled remotes and be less cumbersome during play. The flexibility and lightness of this new Microbore line will allow players using remote lines to perform their very best in any situation.


  • Attaches to your HPA Tank's fill nipple to easily fill your tank when it's on your back for easy and fast filling on your tank
  • 4500 psi rated air line with High Pressure stainless steel fittings

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