MP40 Phenom

MP40 Phenom

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This is as close to the real MP-40 that we can come!

Tippmann Phenom Technology:

The new Flex Valve system allows for faster rates of fire than blow back markers and can operate on either CO2 or HPA.  The blow forward design operates at a low 300psi.  That means more shots per tank, and a lot less kick and movement.  You'll be able to stay in the game longer and hit more targets with the super smooth operation of the Phenom's new Flex Valve.

Semi or Full-Auto?  You decide! The X7 Phenom incorporates the Hall-Effect trigger and saftey system proven in the previous H.E. Grips.  Easily switch from safe, to semi, to one of 5 firing modes.  Just flick the switch and change your style of play from sniping to machine gunner! 

Another feature players have wanted is the option of a mechanical backup to the electronic modes.   It???s a seamless change not only between modes, but from a mechanical operation to electronic.  If you get in a tight spot and your battery dies, flick back to semi and you???ve got full mechanical operation to fight your way out!  But that???s not all!  It???s a sear-less, that???s right no sear in this baby, design.  Less parts equals less wear and malfunction and also a smoother trigger pull. 

Also included on the X7 Phenom is a redesigned cyclone feed.  To keep up with the Flex Valve system, the need for an upgrade feed system was a must.  The new design fires up to 20 bps, and is also easier on paint.


Please be aware, you are ordering a hand built custom paintball marker.

Good things take time and depending on our back-log it could be 4-6 weeks for your order to be finished.

?Thank you for your understanding,

--Eric Engler

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