Minimalist Phenom With Magazine

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We are currently back logged with work until the middle of November so if you need a custom built it would make it just in time for Christmas. 

When Tippmann released the electropneumatic, super-fast Phenom, it was perfect for our customization. In an interesting reversal, rather than adding parts, pieces and bodies to the marker, we peeled back everything hanging off the Phenom to create a lighter, smaller, simpler version!

Here at Engler Custom Paintball Guns we love the Tippmann Phenom so much we have put it into many different bodies like our MG42, M1 Garand, BREN and M249 SAW.

In a complete reversal we have removed all the body parts and most of the outside of the Phenom and this is the result.

This is about a basic and light as the Phenom can get... Just the marker, Nothing Else.

Please be aware, you are ordering a hand built custom paintball marker.

Good things take time and depending on our back-log it could be 4-6 weeks for your order to be finished.

?Thank you for your understanding,

--Eric Engler

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